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‘There are two things we should give our


children, one is Roots the other is Wings…..’



Partnering with horses, enhances GIFTS and supports CHALLENGES. 

Together, we CO-CREATE therapeutic – recreational experiences that build on strengths while supporting each childs unique developmental process.

By creating therapeutic containers to learn, grow and play in – Kids experience themselves differently, develop compassion for self & others, and practice CONNECTING with their own competency while getting to be themselves in the world.

Three Ways to Horse-Play

‘A barn is a sanctuary in an unsettled world, a sheltered place where life’s true priorities are clear. When you take a step back, it’s not just about horses – its about LOVE, LIFE and LEARNING’

  What we really do together is ENGAGE.

  • We learn to connect through touch
  • We learn to be brave by trying new things
  • We practice gratitude by rewarding effort
  • We employ compassion when we care for another
  • We sense more profoundly when we practice tuning into various sensory stimulation

Over 20+  years of coaching & supporting children, youth & families, this is what I KNOW matters ~ Real people showing up as they are,  engaging in REAL connections, makes a REALLY POSITIVE impact in the lives of our children.


  • We engage in learning through play. 
  • We develop relationships and practice compassion
  • We communicate in non-verbal ways
  • We build on strengths & practice working with our weaknesses

We invite horses to show up as teachers, masterful guides.

We use the barn & riding ring as an arena for life.

It’s all LEARNING!

“When I first took my 5 year old to Tracy’s for a private lesson, I really didn’t know what to expect. Instantly I was amazed at the connection Tracy had with the horses and the way she was able to connect with my daughter and bridge that connection with her and the horse. We have continued with the horse-play sessions every week and the fundamentals Tracy instils in the kids is an amazing groundwork to a lifelong, beautiful and healthy relationship with horses and themselves. I really can’t say enough wonderful things about Tracy as a mentor and my daughter loves the program every week and walks away with the biggest smiles! Thank you Tracy.”

– Kristin Jenkins

“The thing that I love the most about Tracy is her calm presence, keen observations and clear communication with the kids when she is working with them. Her modelling in observation and problem solving for any situation is amazing. She draws on each child’s strength and encourages team building and the strengthening of skills by having the kids work together, helping each other to achieve their goals. I trust Tracy implicitly with my children. Her confidence, flexibility and experience shine through with the kids and the horses.”

– Alexis (mom to Isabel 9 & Logan 7)

“I have two very different daughters and they both ADORE playing with Tracy and the horses! To begin with they just have such a great time, they literally beam whether they are caring for, sharing treats with, or riding one of the horses. I’ve also noticed a subtle yet powerful boost in both their confidence, empathy, and connection with their bodies by playing and working with the horses and Tracy. Camp is such a fabulous experience, my girls even fondly reminisce about scooping poop in the barn in addition to the mounted skills they’ve acquired, most precious: the development of deeply felt bonds with the horses. Tracy has such a grounded, kind and powerfully clear way with the kids that gets them thinking, exploring, and interacting in new ways. She has a way of both safely embracing and challenging the girls while teaching them loving respect for the horses, themselves and their fellow humans. It’s unlike any other horse-life experience around. See you again this summer!”
– Tanis Frame

Small Group Horse-Play Sessions

Weekly Horse-Play classes where kiddos  4 – 16 MOVE, PLAY, BE, LEARN by way of the HORSE.

Think Acro, Dance, and Sensory Integration ALL on Horseback. It’s trick riding, freestyle movement, experiential learning and nature based education in a radical 90 minuet play date!!

NO previous experience with horses is needed to BENEFIT from Horse-Play.

An interest in horses,  some stretchy clothes…. and an I DON’T MIND GETTIN DIRTY attitude is a good place to start.

As a child & youth care proffessional for over 25 years, I’m passionate about supporting  the unique development of children & youth. 

What I’ve discovered as the MOST consistently meaningful avenue to impact children is this:

Promoting connections to nature, animals and ENCOURAGING the creation of something meaningful. 

Experiential learning massively aids in the development of:

Self-regulation & Self-efficacy

Emotional Agility

Team Work & leadership skills

Courage & creativity

Positive risk taking abilities

Communication & oral reasoning

Gross motor development
– strength & flexibility

Not to mention Patience and Kindness… Horses educate and inform our hearts & spirits.

“Educating the mind without educating the  heart is no education at all.”

– Aristotle

  SUMMER Group Session Details:

When:  Fridays  3:15 -5:00  (drop-in basis – email to hold a spot) 

COST – $50 per session

Where: 1025 Byng Rd  Mise En Place Equestrian in Roberts Creek BC

What: Wear barn boots & stretchy clothing, Bring water sox or ballet shoes, thick sox. Dress in layers. We have safety equitment/tack.

How:  Registration via email is required.  (Connect with ME to inquire about available weekly space)



 PRIVATE TRAIL RIDING LESSONS – From barn chores, to ring riding, then off into the trails….

Join us this summer for PRIVATE 75 min –  Learn to Ride Lessons

COST: $85 single Lessons OR  $75 (package of 4 or more)

WHEN – Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays

Got Questions?

Ask any BURNING questions and let’s see
what’s the best fit for your child(ren)