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Making memories through Playing with &

Learning about HORSES

Horse-Play camps offer dynamic experiences that inspire, and creatively challenge  while embracing the unique spirit of each individual child.

Here’s what I’ve learned over the last 20+ years as a

parent, a child development specialist, and an

equine coach;

  • Horse Camps are a MILESTONE in childhood ~ it can shape who our kids are,  giving them unique opportunities to LEARN about THEIR areas of intersest alongside others
  • The VALUE in others Coaching & Giving Feedback ~ Teachers who specialize passions
  • Camp experiences (with horses) is a powerful form of outdoor education ~ small group coaching, social/emotional learning, interactive & experiential day long agendas
  •  Repetition is key to learning – enhancing capacity and building confidence happens when we repeat activities, over time (like daily, at camp!) Kids shift from knowing/doing a LITTLE to knowing/doing A WHOLE LOT. Building confidence and capacity.

On Friday afternoons (our last day of camp) We’ll celebrate skills and accomplishments with a demonstration hosted by YOUR young people !!

The benefits of Investing in an Equine Education Camp


Here’s what I’ve noticed are the ‘take aways’  from a camp experience:

  • Responsibility ~ caring for THEIR horse (participants are connected with a horse that is THEIRS to care for) Teaching empathy, and cultivating work ethics

  • Experiences with Chores, developing Work Ethics ~ cleaning stalls, feeding and grooming (practicing the exchange of energy, giving-receiving, self-discipline)
  • Persistence & Patience ~ lifelong learning can be fun (but also sometimes challenging) partnering with a horse can help bring these lessons powerfully home
  • Team work & Mentoring ~ older, more experienced helping younger, or less experienced. Cultivates safe spaces to practice leading, serves multi-faced learning styles)
  • Creativity & Play ~ crafting, henna art, freestyle dance/play on horseback, treasure hunts, horse-painting…. we get into it. Hands dirty, clothes… well sometimes tossed out!
  • Connection to Nature ~ hand grazing THEIR horse in a grassy pasture, walking in the forest, riding through trails, nature based treasure hunts. Cultivating respect and appreciation of Mother Nature.

Here’s what our week of Camp will look like:

We begin our days with barn chores and a stable management lesson (topics like hoof care, tack care/cleaning, parts of the horse….you get it, a bit of fun & learning).

Next we head into the riding ring for a group lesson. Mentors demonstrating, offering help and support to the younger ones.

Our afternoons are spent playing games while riding bareback, practicing acro & dance moves on a Vaulting Horse, challenging each other through obstacle courses and interactive horse-human games.

On FRIDAY our LAST day of camp together, we head out for a loop through some beautiful Roberts Creek Trails, returning to showcase our week of Horse-Play in a family friendly demonstration.  

 “It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught  them to do for themselves

that will make them successful human beings.”

– Ann Landers


Horse-Play Camp

Monday MARCH  25 –

Thursday MARCH 28


10:00 – 3:00

Investment – $499


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Horse-Play Camp

Monday AUGUST 12 – Friday AUGUST  16


10:00 – 3:00

Investment – $599


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