Highlights of CAMP…riding horses, developing friendships, making memories


Horse-Play camps offer dynamic experiences that inspire, and creatively challenge  while embracing the unique spirit of the child.

Here’s what I’ve learned over the last 25+ years as a

parent, a child development specialist, and an

equine coach;

Horse Camps are a MILESTONE in childhood ~

  • Others Coaching, Mentoring and giving Feedback to our kids ~ makes them resilient
  • horses are powerful form of experiential education
  • social/emotional learning enhances childhood development
  • A dynamic interactive agenda engages all learning types
  •  Repetition is key to learning – enhancing capacity and building confidence
  • Being BRAVE is a skill. New people, new tasks, new environment – new growth.


 The benefits of Investing in an Equine Education Camp



Here’s what I’ve noticed are just SOME of the ‘take aways’  from a camp experience:

  • Responsibility ~ caring for THEIR horse (participants are connected with a horse that is THEIRS to care for) Teaching empathy, and cultivating work ethics


  • Experiences with Chores = develops a sense of perseverance, earned privilege, work ethic  ~ cleaning stalls, feeding and grooming, cleaning tack 
  • Persistence & Patience ~ lifelong learning can be fun (but also sometimes challenging) partnering with a horse can help bring these lessons powerfully home

Team work & Mentoring ~ older, more experienced helping younger, or less experienced. Cultivates safe spaces to practice leading, serves multi-faced learning styles

  • Creativity & Play ~ crafting, art, freestyle dance/play on horseback, treasure hunts, horse-painting…. we get into it. Hands dirty, clothes in laundry, hearts full
  • Connection to Nature ~ hand grazing THEIR horse in a grassy pastures, walking in the forest, riding through trails, nature based treasure hunts. ALL aim to cultivate a respect and connection to our natural world.


Here’s what our week of Camp will look like:

We begin our days with barn chores and a stable management lesson (topics like hoof care, tack care/cleaning, parts of the horse… learning mixed with fun!

Then we head into the riding ring for a group riding lesson. Mentors supporting supporting the younger ones.

Our afternoons are spent making crafts, playing barn games before we head back into the riding ring for our SECOND mounted session: VAULTING (riding bareback, practicing acro & dance moves on a Vaulting Horse)

We challenging ourselves & each other through obstacle courses and interactive horse-human games.

On our LAST day of camp together, we head out for a loop through a nearby Trail.


Horse-Play Camp

Monday  MARCH 22


Thursday MARCH 25 


10:00 – 3:00

4 days

Investment – $625


Registration February 1 2021



Horse-Play Camp

JULY 13 – 16 AND AUGUST 10 -13

5 days

10:00 – 3:00

Investment – $625

4 days


 (please email direct to be put on wait list)