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WORK - is love made Visible


Creating uniquely compassionate containers for  human & horse exploration


Healing & Happiness ~ Movement & Stillness ~ Recreation & Play


First inward, then outward. 



Join me –  At the barn, On the Mat, On a Horse




Yoga – Movement – Meditation


Yoga means UNION. Harmony with body-mind-soul. This scientific- time tested 6000 yr old system of personal growth, is designed to lead us to an ever increasing knowledge of ourselves, and the needs of our body, mind, heart and soul.






Mindful HORSE -Play  


* Interacting with horses on the GROUND –  shifts our focus from OUTWARD pursuits to an INNER understanding

* Moving MINDFULLY atop a horse, taps into our deep FEELING and ENERGY centers  

* Breathe and awareness practices enhance connection and cultivates intuition

* Riding horses amplifies the healing power of MOVEMENT and PLAY 

* Experiencing compassionate support & guidance as we explore together









‘Our deepest fear is not that we’re inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. For it is our LIGHT, not our DARKNESS that most frightens us.’     

Marianne Williamson 




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