WORK - is love made Visible


Creating uniquely compassionate containers for humans to connect with the  guidance of HORSES


If you desire deep steadfast support, honest – unbiased feedback and genuine interactions bathed in the natural beauty of forest – you are at the right place.

I help people find JOY, release old stories and create new more truer ones. I offer embodied experiences in FLOW, ALIGNMENT and HEART CENTERED living.

 You’ll talk, walk, touch, feel, notice, breathe, move, be… and I’ll be with you the whole time.

I’m deeply and genuinely interested in supporting and inspiring your GREATNESS.



Here’s how we can work together :










(Private) Equine Guided Education Sessions 


* Interacting with horses on the GROUND – Engaging  SOMATIC PRACTICES 

* Identifying area of desired exploration

* Examining relationships to self/other/world

* Engaging the horse as guide and teacher

* Cultivating connection to intuition & knowing

* Moving forward EMPOWERED 









‘Our deepest fear is not that we’re inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. For it is our LIGHT, not our DARKNESS that most frightens us.’     

Marianne Williamson 




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