Well HELLLLOOO y’all !! I’m so glad we found each other… I love the way resonance attracts our tribe,  or HERD (as I often like to tout).

So this is my take on an ‘intro’…

I’m Tracy, and I’ve many roles  ~ a mama, sister, partner, entrepreneur, yogi, adventurer and a Conscious Cowgirl.

I’m going to say it’s far less about ‘who’ we are or what roles we play in life  and far more about ‘how’ it is that we show up.  My goal is to move through this life, as a warm-hearted and truth-telling guide, teacher, and ally. I’m a rider (of both bikes & horses). A yogi (student & teacher) and a free, unbridled spirit… I’ve spent the last 25 years riding and training horses, coaching kids (plus raising my own) and balancing a career in educating alternatively.

Here’s the thing, that balance? ….ya, it didn’t work very well.  The ugly lights came on and there was just no hiding from a truth I was struggling to accept.  The truth was this –  YOU CAN DO IT ALL, JUST NOT ALL AT THE SAME TIME. And not without sacrificing BIG-TIME with my health, precious relationships and overall well-being.

So, after a time of avoiding and wreckless abandon, I began investing in my own healing. Engaged WHOLE-HEARTEDLY in my life. Divorced. Dated prolifically.  Raised my kids solo. Discovered how to love & forgive myself . Attracted a rad partner. I Left my ‘safe’ but soul compromising job and chose some COURAGEOUS and VULNERABLE paths that lead me to NOW. Because that’s all there is really. NOW. Truly, it’s the only place where UNION actually occurs. Not the future, or the past, but right now.

My aim, dear friends is to engage in conscious conversations around the ups and downs of all of. The light stuff, the dark shit and how we can help to support each other through. I’ll share gems of horse-wisdom, potent practices on & off the mat and invite you to jump in on whatever feels like a HELLS YES to you. I’m honoured to journey alongside you fellow humans – showing up in our human vulnerability, transparency and truth.

If you want to comment, I’m totally jazzed! I read every single word.

And YES, feel free to SHARE! That’s how we cultivate our herd, together we’re stronger. WE JUST ARE!