Unbridle yourself…… move with ease

at EPONA RISE RETREAT CENTER  in the Stunning Heffley Creek Valley (near Sun Peaks Ski Resort)

Nurture in Nature ~ Fresh Air Yoga  ~ Commune with Horses

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An Invitation to UNBRIDLE July 6, 7, 8

What is it exactly?  This cup-filling weeked getaway at a spectacular ranch in central BC is designed to replenish your cup, RE-connect you to your vitality, and kick off your summer with some WELL deserved radical SELF CARE.

It’s NOURISHING ~ for your body, mind and soul ! With gourmet cuisine crafted with love, to our energy attuning yoga practices, you’ll leave this weekend with a deep sense of your inner cup overflowing.

It’s EXPERIENTIAL ~ Creatively playful activities that connect your body, mind and spirit with the beauty of the land and the magnificence of horses.

It’s REJUVINATING ~ Lovingly guided to tune into YOUR energy centers, release what’s not serving you, refuel with vibrancy and vitality 

It’s DYNAMIC ~ Change happens through movement and movement heals !!  Move with us on the mat, under the stars, in a herd of horses, and atop a horse  (if you so choose)

MOST IMPORTANTLY ~  IT’S PRECIOUS TIME YOU’VE CARVED OUT FOR YOU spend it how MOST nurtures YOU… with other like minds and sweet souls

* NO previous horse experience necessary *

Creating Mind -Body – Nature Connections

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes, and quiet your mind. When was the last time you felt truly… connected?  We’re all connected to our phone’s, our jobs, our social media feeds, and our to-do lists. We’re talking about the deep, grounded, and peaceful state-of-mind that brings forth your true self,  the highest version of you. This always-on, information-overload, whirlwind-pace culture we live in makes it difficult to achieve peaceful- grounded mindsets. It’s not that far out of reach really. It just takes a little intentionality, love, space and permission to say YES.

Radiating Energy

Journey deeper into yourself…Self-Care, Self-Kindness and Self-Discovery is the gateway. When we clarify our energy body it cultivates shifts from within. The connection between Energy and Spirit is immediate. When tuning into the wisdom of the Chakra System we’re guided by our bodies inherent wisdom ~ discover areas that may be contracted, and others that may be excessive. Yoga – Meditation, Creative Play & Communing with Horses in Nature are the tools we’ll play with along the way.

 Experience Horse Wisdom

There’s a magnificence about horses that invokes a sense of profound possibility. Whether walking amongst them in the herd, laying our hands on them in  creative ritual or feeling the gentle rocking of their rhythmic movement beneath us, HORSES provide HUMANS with CONNECTION. Consider yoga atop a horse… Like meditation in motion, tuning into your bodies energy while playfully connecting with the grace and presence of horses. Together we’ll explore some creative, light-hearted energy shifting practices that UNBRIDLE and AMPLIFY your connections to self, others and the natural world.



Unbridle ~

A retreat experience designed  to help you connect with your body, breath, nature, and other inspiring women….

Like the magjestic FREE, and UNBRIDLED Horse, domesticated women are craving ways back to our instinctual selves. In these modern times, where wisdom is often limited to ‘facts’, our souls delight in such precious opportuntites to rediscover our own inherent WISDOM and POWER.

Do you feel the call?  Come dear ones…. UNBRIDLE

(NO previous experience with horses necessary)

Testimonials…. What folks are saying

I liked the structure of the retreat weekend… it helped me follow what my inner voice was saying, listen to it and accept it’s truth. It was an experience I won’t soon forget. Incorporating the yoga practices helped me to process and connect with myself throughout the weekend. I appreciated Tracy’s calm, quite style. Her easy confident presence felt supportive and comforting. I am excited to say this was was my 1st retreat experience, but definately not my last !


 Retreating with horses was an amazing experience … to see myself through their eye, and totally get mirrored back what I have sent out. Such powerful lessons. I think back often and feel the feelings of that weekend, it was truly magical for me. I have always loved horses, but didn’t take opportunities to spend time together with them. Working with Tracy, I felt very safe. I also felt both grounded and encouraged to rise up. If there is such thing as the Perfect Weekend, that was one!

~ AnneRose

Retreating with Tracy and the horses went beyond any expectations I could have had. I grew up around horses and thought I knew what I could get from working with them.. but I was wrong ! Tracy brought the horses into my world in a way that was different and mind-blowing! It was beyond words, the effect… mind-blowing.

~ Bonnie

Tracy & the horses make one heck of a brilliant team.  My experience at Epona Rise was amazing and I left there feeling refreshed and looking forward to moving into my future. Tracy told me “I have your back’ and she was right. I was so supported through my whole experience. It was like nothing else I’ve ever done. So worth it !!

~ Betsy

Your Hosts Marney & Tracy

and Epona Rise Retreat Center

There is a magnificence about wide open spaces…. The Dixie Chicks sing about it, so do the Rolling Stones. Epona Rise Retreat Center doesn’t disappoint. With tastefully appointed western themed cabins, and a guest lodge perfect for lounging, this home away from home offers simple pleasures, done right.

Wide Open spaces are good for the heart ….



From the moment you step out of your car, and step foot onto the stunning ranch lands, YOU NEED DO NOTHING MORE ! We have your back Sister’s….  YOU’LL be welcomed by US, your hosts – then shown to your cabin to settle in. We’ll gather in an opening circle once all have arrived, welcoming you to the herd and going over the delights of our weekend together.

Then we’ll head on out and meet the real Herd – the 19 free-roaming inhabitants of this land.  These horses respond purely to the core intent of each person that enters their space. Without bias, they provide a mirror of instant feedback so you can become more aware and conscious of how you show up in your life, and what impact you may be having on the space and people around you.

Gathering back at the lodge, you’ll meet lovely Laura – who graciously will be preparing ALL our gourmet meals & snacks, we’ll wrap up the FIRST day with some gentle restorative movement and a Yoga Nidra Meditation under the stars.

Each day there will be activities thoughtfully designed for your ease & enjoyment,  your invited to participate as much or as little as you so choose… (Weekend Agenda will be sent out with Welcome Package, June 15th) 

Everything is in, nothing is out…. Once you land dear ones, the invitation is to UNBRIDLE ~ everything is taken care of for you.


Marney "Hasu" Coulter ~ Yoga By the Sea

Marney "Hasu" Coulter ~ Yoga By the Sea

Hasu is an intuitive and knowledgeable Yogi. For more than 20 years, she has shared a flowing practice which creates self alignment and attunement, based on teachings from her own life experience, Kripalu Yoga, Amrit Yoga, and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. The focus is on exploring sensation through movement and stillness, while drawing on the breath as a tool for transformation, allowing you to explore your inner edges and thresholds with willful practice and mindfulness; learning how to trust, accept, experience peace with ourselves and life, by deepening the connection with the vital life force, and adding a sense of ease to one’s life. From here, we learn how to carry what is experienced on the mat into daily interactions. Life becomes a waking meditation.

Tracy Gray ~ Conscious Cowgirl

Tracy Gray ~ Conscious Cowgirl

Tracy is a big-hearted cowgirl, intuitive healer yogi, adventurer and free unbridled spirit…

Her skill and passion for facilitating horse-human conversations offers deep insight and transformation. She is guided by the horses as sentient beings and a deep connection to the land. Her thoughtful guidance provides support in exploring the wisdom horses have to offer.  She continues to be fascinated by the many ways communing with horses can bring alignment, acceptance, peace and freedom to our body, mind and spirits.

Creating sacred spaces to support YOU in connecting with your body, breath, nature, and other inspiring women is her deep honour.

Kick off Summer:

*intentionally pausing from your FULL plate

* breaking from the busyness of daily life


Join us for this cup-filling self care RANCH weekend getaway …. Where connecting YOU with your body, breath, nature, and other inspiring women is our deep honour. 

Unbridle retreat is REALLY  for ~

+ Re-connecting you with your vitality

+ Gathering in the spirit of Self Care, Self Love, and Sisterhood

+ Nurturing your energetics (via chakra system)

+ Attuning to the needs of you body and desires of your spirit 

‘what is it you plan to do with your one Wild & Precious life?’

Mary Oliver 

SPECIAL Early Bird Pricing ON NOW  until April 15   (shared double room)    $997

Upgrade to a PRIVATE room $1197      OR payment plan options?      3 easy payments of  $333

Email Tracy Below (more info)  for ROOM UPGRADE or PAYMENT PLAN OPTIONS !!

FAQ’s About the UNBRIDLED Soul Shine Retreat

Q - I don’t know very much about horses, is the retreat still for me?

A – YES ! This retreat is designed for women who are curious about horses, but have little to no experience. You’ll be safely and thoughtfully guided through all equine interactions. Participating as little or as much as you so choose.

Q - What other kinds of activities are available?

A – You have free rein to design YOUR weekend how YOU like. Women often like to go for walks – short hikes around the surrounding ranch. There’s a lake not far down the road. Napping under a tree, journal, read, knit, there will be some creative play activities available, all for your leisure.

Q - What do I need to bring with me?

A – You’ll receive a welcome package from me, a few weeks before the retreat with a suggested packing list (things like yoga pants, and bluestone boots, a sunhat and comfy shorts) PLUS all the details you’ll need to know before joining us on retreat !

Q - Do I have to be a yogi to enjoy this retreat?

A – NO ! We will happily meet you where your at. There are always modifications for poses and we encourage honouring what YOUR edge is. Our morning flow practice will prepare our bodies for the day ahead and our evening restorative practice and meditation is designed to promote relaxation, and deep peace.

Q - Is this a dry weekend?

A – We won’t be offering alcohol, if you choose to bring wine for dinner, or enjoy a glass at the end of the day, that is totally up to you. Consuming alcohol before engaging in activities with horses however is a liability issue, and participants are asked to refrain during that time.

Q - Is there wifi?

A – At the lodge there is access to wifi, at the cabins and around the ranch however there is not. We suggest using this as an opportunity to UNPLUG.

Q - Is there a refund if I can’t go?

A – A full refund is available up to 30 days before the retreat (minus any transaction fees) After 30 days, please connect with Tracy directly.