Quiet your mind connect to your heart

Retreat with Horses : a uniquely coastal experience of connection with self & horses

Private Retreat Dates Available for the Fall Season

Arrive at the barn to the sound of horses grazing – birds calling, the wind gently whistling through the trees, and begin leaning into the EXHALE…

Heavenly, right?!

Consider it a mini-holiday with horses – JUST for you.

A chalk full experience of equine interactions, masterful facilitation, forest bathing, mindfulness practices with plenty of time and space for inspired self-reflection.

This offering has BIG value and even BIGGER benefits.

Why retreats ROCK:

  • Precious time to replenish and renew
  • Opportunities for connection with self, horses, natural world
  • Sacred space to unwind
  • Inspiring and enlivening
  • Permission to explore as deep as YOU choose
  • Relaxing reset in a forest setting
  • Come solo, or bring your friends along

Know the path from less stress and angst to more joy and peace is yours for the claiming.

 What we’ll do together:

  • Short guided/grounding meditation
  • Meet the herd
  • Self-Reflection Journaling inquiry
  • Nature walk (with horse)
  • Yoga, Breathe, Mindfulness practices
  • Mounted play – Movement atop a horse

This is designed for you, if:

  • You’re craving an easy but meaningful inspiring experience
  • You’re looking for steadfast support while diving deep in personal exploration
  • You desire to play, connect and explore MORE PURPOSEFULLY (in a chill coastal vibes container)
  • You’re curious about horses, intuition, energy and desire support in exploring this connection
  • Your seeking a healing experience and feel called to explore this alongside horses

“Tracy’s experience and knowledge with horses really helped me overcome some fears, helping me open up and practice being vulnerable in the presence of these amazing animals.” 

– Serveen Carmack

“The time spent with horses and Tracy was an opportunity for me to ground myself in calm and clarity. This retreat put me on a track of self discovery, and has awoken in me the desire to investigate the labels I have given myself. Immensely grateful IO gifted myself this time”.   

– Leslie Horat  

 BOOK NOW for a FALL private retreat:

  • Low risk, high value therapeutic experience
  • Nature heals &  time away replenishes
  • Horses meet you exactly where you’re at – no experience necessary  
  • Honoring yourself is at the TOP of your list of priorities this fall
  • You will be held, free, guided and supported throughout the entire process

If your inner desire is to hang out in spaces of joy-filled freedom and  genuine connection – then book your private DAY retreat NOW!

INVESTMENT: $527 single (small group pricing available also)

“Tracy & horses make one heck of a brilliant team. I felt so comfortable with Tracy and her depth of knowledge. She has guided me through the steps I need and want to take on my journey to reconnect with horses. I left my retreat experience feeling refreshed, and looking forward to moving into my future. I felt so supported through this experience, it was like nothing I’ve ever done before. SO WORTH IT!!”

– Betsy Boyte

I cherish gathering women together in collective spaces of grace and generosity. 

I’m partial to connecting amazing humans with equally amazing horses. 

As a die-hard cheerleader for horse-human bonding, nothing brings me more satisfaction than witnessing powerful moments that change lives and expand potential.  As a teacher, trainer, and coach of 25 years, I jump for joy when humans and horses bond in meaningful ways. 

My 20+  years of counseling children, youth and families as well as my more recent evolution to yoga and mindfulness has solidified my role as an advocate and ally for what’s uniquely possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have horse experience to work with Tracy ?

NO, you absolutely do not. Our time together begins on the ground with horse(s). Sometimes that’s as deep as we dive. Other times we explore integrating the ground work into our bodies through mounted play and movement. All instruction offered on the ground and on the horse is done so with your (and the horse’s) utmost physical, emotional and spiritual safety in mind.

I’ve always wanted to ride horses, Will there be opportunities to ride?

Short answer – Depends on HOW we work together, and what YOU sign up for, In all of our small group offerings, there will be opportunity to engage in mounted movement. In the transformational coaching offerings we generally engage ONLY on the ground – however in this highly flexible and fluid process that is designed to honor YOUR process – we can employ a horse to work with in a mounted capacity if/when desired by YOU.

If you want to take RIDING LESSONS and learn to become a better rider – that occurs with a level of commitment (we don’t offer one off trail rides here).

A FREE ZOOM call scheduling link is available on the CONTACT ME page to have a conversation with Tracy about this in more detail.

I really want to do this work, but I’m having a hard time justifying the financial part

I hear you ! I too have had a tough time allocating hard earned dollars towards MY personal wellness.

Viewing it as an investment in your LONG term health & happiness is priceless!! (If your keen to show up, payment plans can be made available).

What is equine guided education ?

Equine guided education is the process of partnering with HORSES for personal growth and development. Humans engage horses for their authentic communication, non-judgemental feedback and profound ability to sense and notice.

It can also be referred to as Equine facilitated learning, Equine facilitated psychotherapy or Equine assisted therapy.

It essentially is a process of experiential learning that has garnered fascinating results for people in a relatively short period of time. Individuals who’ve engaged in traditional talk therapy for months have reported that they received as much or MORE benefit from working with horses in just a few sessions.

What does a ‘typical’ session look like?

There are many ways we engage during our sessions and as the coaching process unfolds:

  • observing a horse and/or herd from with distance, then up close
  • grooming, and touching the horses
  •  walking and/or leading the horse
  • meditations & movement practices while in connection with horses
  • sitting with the horse (writing, reflecting, being..)
  • mounted movement practices (walk -trot-canter)
  • moving with the horses while out in nature

As intimacy & confidence develops, clients have enjoyed spending time being the herd, taking on a task or goal in partnership with the horse, and exploring rhythmic riding with a horse they’ve developed a connection with. The options are endless.

What should I wear? and what do I need to bring with me when coming to see you & the horses?

Wear footwear that will protect your feet while we’re outside with the horses. Cowboy boots, blundstones, hikers, or rain boots all work just fine.

Bring an extra pair of thick sox to wear if we explore mounted movement together (we will take boots off so we can get close and FEEL our horse beneath us)

Thin layers, suitable for the conditions.

A sun hat or toque depending on the weather.

Water bottle (please no glass)

We have riding helmets, safety equipment and all the tack & the gear, got you covered ! Consider what you need for your own comfort – and bring it along.

I am new to personal development, will this be ‘too much’ for me ?

Excellent question ! The short answer… NO.

The horses meet you, where you are at. This is a process that is honoring of the pace, tempo and depth we are all working at.

Single sessions are for exactly this inquiry. If you feel uncertain or question making a longer term commitment – start with a single session and assess the experience from there.

Where are we when we work together in this way?

We are most often outdoors, in a round pen (a large circular enclosure where the horse is able to move freely within a contained area), a riding arena (a covered area outdoors where we explore further) or outdoor paddocks & fields (where horses are at liberty, naturally interacting with each other in herds).

There is an indoor barn on site with a bathroom, sink and cel service available.

Can I bring someone with me….my partner, child or close friend?

I am happy to announce that offerings where bring a friend along is encouraged!

For personal coaching sessions ON or OFF the horse – we ask that it is just you for this experience. I am available to have a more in depth conversation about this if so desired.

Let’s clarify what would be MOST supportive to you as we play together.

Horses are big and kind of frighten me, should I still sign up ?

YES. Absolutely.

Horses are BIG and powerful and sometimes can move unpredictably. We take all precautions possible to ensure safety for BOTH human and horse.

It will be your responsibility to honor your personal level of comfort. We are here to support you throughout that process. .

FEAR has a valuable place in keeping us safe. Often clients will get to explore what their current relationship with FEAR is like – how they are navigating that both internally and externally, and often experience insight and/or shifts during our work together.

I’m coming to work with you and the horses on the Sunshine Coast from out of town and I want to maximize our time together, what else can I do ?

When clients visit from off Coast I am happy to offer recommendations for places to stay, things to do and secret spots to hit-up…

Once registered, Let me know your plans while here, and I’d be happy to suggest some local hot-spots to check out during your stay.

I feel like I’d like to connect with you for a chat or a video call before I commit, can we do that ?

YES !! There is a link for a 40 min ZOOM video chat on the CONTACT ME page.

Please pick the day/time that works best via the online Scheduler and I’d be happy to find out how I can help.

If a transformational coaching experience with horses is for you — but you’re seeking to book a follow-up or single session only here’s how you can do just that.