Providing – Life enhancing experiences of personal growth

with HORSES as our guides….

Are you at a block in the road? Experiencing a transition (desired or undesired) and seeking to navigate with greater grace and ease… Have you been trying to ignore patterns that are no longer serving you – are you finally ready to address them and begin re-designing a life that feels true – beautiful and YOURS ? 

If you’re yearning to take the reins and lead your life in the direction of your own desires – I am here to help

Wondering where to begin on such a journey?



   Welcome – This is a brilliant place to start !

I’ve been partnering with Horses in the Equine industry for the last 20 + years, and supporting humans in our unique development for just as long.  As an impassioned advocate for the horse-human bond –  I’ve created processes and programs that focus on connecting US to ourselves, each other and the natural world.

The most profound revelations I’ve witnessed – have occurred in the presence of Horses.

Why ? Horses are somatic wizards.  They make decisions based on how they feel, not what they think and when in their company, they invite us to do the same.

Horses, listen and respond to what is happening on the inside – inviting us to be in a relationship of congruence and authenticity in order to truly connect.




.About ME

I’m a straight forward,  truth telling, light hearted, deep diving


A lover of horses, a student of movement, an eager adventurer. Admirer of nature and simplicity, seeker of wellness and a lifelong learner.

I am a Mother, Daughter, Wife, Sister and good Friend.

I’ve broke horses AND I’ve gentled them.

I’ve taught many how to ride AND just as many how to UNLEARN what they know and RELEARN based on an emerging new paradigm

I feel deeply, communicate effectively, guide whole-heartedly, show up authentically, support emphatically and love fiercely.  Mostly – I seek to BE the change I wish to see in the world.

Horses – and the absolute blessing to journey along side them for over 25 years, has been a constant gift that I passionately desire to share with others….  A daily reminder of what Freedom, Tenderness, Power, Balance and Miracles look like in everyday life.

Namaste  ~ Amen 


— sssssThe VALUE of  Connecting Humans with Horses

The HORSE is a sentient, emotionally agile teacher and guide that can help you:

  • bypass the mind and help us access our deeper feeling state – it is here where we are invited into a dynamic process of change.

  •  Connect with your  intuition and knowing
  • move your body with deeper sensing, intention and clarity of thought
  • discover current subconscious patterns – offer opportunties to embody NEW ways of being, feeling and seeing

“It may be that when we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work. And when we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey”

– Wendell Berry

Zoom Virtual Coaching

Are you curious about integrating the learning that arises AFTER a live session with Horses?  

Are you wanting some ongoing feedback, support and accountability in your personal development journey?

1-1    60 min virtual connection sessions available via Zoom


Equine Coaching Sessions

Ready for deeper transformation that has a lasting impact in your life?

Desire to feel more wholly accepting and connected to yourself?

Open to a Somatic experience in feeling and knowing alongside the guidance of a Horse? 

Horses + Guided Facilitation is a life enhancing experience

Just For Kids

* Equestrian Vaulting (small group) Horse-Play Sessions

Movement, Sensory Skills, Mindfulness

* Spring Break & Summer Horse-Camps

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