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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have horse experience to work with Tracy?

NO, you absolutely do not. Our time together begins on the ground with horse(s). Sometimes that’s as deep as we dive. Other times we explore integrating the ground work into our bodies through mounted play and movement. ( I’m certified and versed in several equine coaching disciplines) All instruction offered on the ground and on the horse is done so with your (and the horse’s) utmost physical, emotional and spiritual safety in mind.

I’ve always wanted to ride horses, Will there be opportunities to ride?

In exploring relationships with horses, clients are often invited to engage with the horse while on their back. Most often the mounted experiences don’t happen in our first session together, but organically, after connection and a certain level of intimacy has been established.

I really want to do this work, but I’m having a hard time justifying the financial part

I hear you ! I too have had a tough time allocating hard earned dollars towards MY personal wellness. I now view it as an investment in my LONG term health & happiness. THAT has proven priceless!!  (If your keen to show up, payment plans can be made available upon request) Just so ya know, never has anyone said ‘man I wish I HADN’T done that’…. just sayin’.

What if I want to work with Tracy, but I’m sure I really want to work with horses?

No problem. The GREAT thing about working with me is that Horse Wisdom deeply informs my coaching practice, but it isn’t exclusively my practice. I’ve worked with clients in educational settings, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and on contract basis, so my scope is wide but my mission is clear ~ to help YOU stand steady in life’s storms and find your way through it with purpose. I often work with clients via skype and phone. I’m also available to travel to accommodate YOU, if we mutually decide on it.

What does a ‘typical’  session look like?

A few things clients have found really valuable and doable by absolutely anyone (experience with horses or none at all) are:

  • grooming and caring for the horse
  • haltering and walking with the horse
  • taking the horse out to graze
  • sitting with the horse.

As intimacy develops, clients have enjoyed spending time walking amongst the herd, taking on a task or goal in partnership with the horse, and exploring rhythmic riding with a horse they’ve developed a connection with. The options really are endless.

It’s a creatively collaborative process designed uniquely with YOU in mind.

What should I wear? and what do I need to bring with me when coming to see you & the horses?

Of course you wanna know if you should bring those cowboy boots way in the back of your closet hey !?!

FEEL FREE !!  Wearing footwear that will protect your feet while we’re outside with the horses AND that’s suitable for the weather are both key in your comfort and safety. Cowboy boots, blundstones, hikers, or rain boots all work just fine. If/when we do  anything mounted/riding you’ll need boots with a slight heel to ensure your feet don’t slip through the stirrups. (don’t worry I’ll advise you by email on the juicy details of our session prior to you arriving, feel free to shoot me an email ANYTIME along the way)

I have riding helmets and all the gear, your covered there. You’ll just  need to bring the things you need for your own comfort.

I Like your STYLE! Who do YOU work with that I may benefit from working with also?

Excellent question ! We’re in this together, which means I also have people I lean on, and learn from when I’m in need of MORE. I work closely with an amazing HEALER – (Reiki Master and Family Constellation facilitator) who aids and supports me in my personal healing and professional training.  I also collaborate with a THRIVE coach/mentor, who’s online courses, PLAY-shops and retreats inspire my work in the world.

I promise, if YOU’D benefit from a resource, tool or session with one of my go-to wise women, I’ll refer you directly and get you connected QUICK !!

Where are we when we work together in this way?

We are most often outdoors, in a round pen (a large circular enclosure where the horse is able to move freely within a contained area), a riding arena (a covered area outdoors where we explore further) or outdoor paddocks & fields (where horses are at liberty, naturally interacting with each other in herds). Often, in between sessions I’ll take clients to a favourite beach, beautiful view point, or special trail…  Encouraging processing and connection to our SUPER-NATURAL surroundings.

Can I bring someone with me? my partner, child or close friend?

As most sessions are with just US (you, me & the horse(s) if you’d like to invite someone along to support you in your journey,  let’s have a conversation to clarify what would be MOST supportive for you, without being distracting.  If you’d like to invite someone along to participate in sessions with you, that’s totally doable too. I have support people who work with me when I have more than 1 client I’m working with, those details could be discussed during our discovery call.

Horses are big and kind of frighten me, my previous experience wasn’t positive. I really want to overcome this and feel drawn to the work. Am I still suitable?

Horses are BIG !! They put us quite profoundly into our bodies, and something that comes up for many people (who’ve had less than ideal experiences with horses in the past) is FEAR. So likely that is where we start. Fear has a valuable place in keeping us safe. Often clients explore how they can mitigate fear by building on skills, and employing bravery, vulnerability and compassion to move beyond and experience empowerment. So YES, totally suitable, PERFECT actually !!

I’m coming to work with you and the horses on the Sunshine Coast from out of town and I want to maximize our time together, whats the best way to do that?

When clients come from off Coast the WEEKEND with ME coaching package, is the best bang for your buck ! It also provides us the ability to dive deeply into the work before you go back to your ‘real’ life which is where I support you with integration.   This option provides you with ample horse time (4 – 2 hour sessions) as well as a follow-up phone/skype call and unlimited email support.

I don’t know much about the Sunshine Coast…are there nice places to stay, things to do there? I think I’d like to make a weekend out it!

YES !! Totally. I’ve got some lovely friends with cozy, quaint B & B’s near the water, that I’d be happy to hook you up with. Also,  Air BnB is active here if you wanted to travel with a partner or your family. There are TONS of great places to stay along the coast. This community is known for it’s amazing network of trails, be it mountain biking or hiking, there are numerous beaches with easy access and endless ocean activities. It’s a beacon for artists and has an oceanside charm and comfort about it… a special place.