Women Who Walk With Horses

Healing through Horse Wisdom

Tracy L. Gray

If freedom, peace and ease is something you crave, the companionship of horses may be the path that leads you there.


Book launch APRIL 15th 2021

 We can do hard things!! But not always by ourselves…

This book would not be possible if it weren’t for the models, mentors and mirrors who’ve supported me on my journey thus far. The wise women who forged their own path and created a life by their own design. It is deeply inspiring to follow in the footsteps of such diverse feminine leadership.

Thank you Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, Sarah Bradley, Linda Kohanov, Marni Coulter, Lucinda Gray, Loretta Cella, Linda Ann Bowling, Dionne Paul, Julie Davidson and Allison Cannon.

This book has BIG value and even BIGGER benefits.

Why I wrote this book..

This book is dedicated first and foremost to the horses. Without the generosity of their wise spirit, I for one, would surely be a lost soul. This book would not be possible without the curiosity, trust and bravery of the hundreds of women and children I’ve had the privilege of working with over the last 23 years. Last, I want to thank my children Josh and Holly, for inspiring me to transcend my own limitations and grow into the mother and human I am still becoming. I love you to the moon and back.

Curious about embarking on a healing journey with horses? This book will inform, inspire and invite you to greater knowing…

  “Horses are for Humans, what light is for diamonds..”

Tracy Gray, Author of Women Who Walk with Horses

 more   This book is for you, if:

  • You’re drawn to horses and you’re inspired to seek a deeper connection with them
  • You’re looking for steadfast support as you navigate a challenging chapter in your life
  • You want to find out hot to amplify your own healing & growth and are ready for the personal transformation that awaits you
  • You’re attuned to the power of intuition, energy and desire support in exploring this connection more deeply
  • You simply love horses and want to read about the diversity of experiences  humans have with them
  • You are seeking a coach or mentor to work with you as you up level your life and move towards greater empowerment
  • You’ve experienced trauma, are navigating anxiety or chronic stress and are exploring alternative modalities to support your healing and transform your life
  • You’re tired of feeling indecisive, unclear and overwhelmed and are ready to gain greater clarity NOW and moving forward
  • You need to take a stand for what you believe in, where you’re going and how you desire showing up

“Tracy’s experience and knowledge with horses really helped me overcome some fears, helping me open up and practice being vulnerable in the presence of these amazing animals.” 

– Serveen Carmack

“The time spent with horses and Tracy was an opportunity for me to ground myself in calm and clarity. This retreat put me on a track of self discovery, and has awoken in me the desire to investigate the labels I have given myself. Immensely grateful IO gifted myself this time”.   

– Leslie Horat  

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“Tracy & horses make one heck of a brilliant team. I felt so comfortable with Tracy and her depth of knowledge. She has guided me through the steps I need and want to take on my journey to reconnect with horses. I left my retreat experience feeling refreshed, and looking forward to moving into my future. I felt so supported through this experience, it was like nothing I’ve ever done before. SO WORTH IT!!”

– Betsy Boyte

About the Author

Tracy fell in love with the magic of horses at the early age of 5 on her Grandparents farm. Her connection to farming and ranch life manifested during her early 20’s when she married a cowboy. Together their family operated a 300- acre working horse and cattle ranch in BC’s Cariboo country. An innate affinity for wide open spaces and animals living in harmony with each other and the earth, Tracy was immersed in the breeding, training, selling and management of her family’s herd of 100+ horses.
As a western rider, therapeutic riding instructor, equestrian vaulting coach, and equine guided educator, Tracy’s coaching and training has shape-shifted throughout her 23 years in the equine industry. As a single mother for much of her life, Tracy navigated her passion for horses, while counselling and educating children, youth and families who experienced crisis, developmental challenges, family trauma, disordered learning, as well as social – emotional difficulties. These experiences inspired Tracy to look beyond the traditional ways of teaching and guiding to a more holistic and engaging way to build connection and inspire real change. Ranch life inspired a spiritual awakening. The call to live close to the land, in harmony with mother earth and the animals in her care, fuels her passion for helping heal both horses and humans. Tracy is a long-time Sunshine Coaster, who along with her husband Darren spend time on the Sunshine Coast of BC as well on their land, Gray-Star Farms in Penticton BC.