Tracy Gray 

Combining a life-long love affair with horses, and a well honed knack to bridge the horse-human gap.

A cowgirl, seeker, truth-teller, cheerleader & dedicated coach




The TOUGHEST lessons learnt, are often those connected to pain.

Whether it shows up in our physical body, energetic body or emotional body,  BEING with it and allowing it to move through is some of the BRAVEST work we’ll ever have to do in this life.

 After spending the last decade committed to deeply exploring my own healing, supporting my children in theirs and offering it within my cherished community, here’s what I’ve come to know for sure: 

Ultimatley there is no choice but to listen – whether now or later, is up to you.

The ability to Be STILL and KNOW is where true peace resides.

Love is an action word.

Forgiveness and Attunement are invaluable life long skills.

Curiosity & Openness are the gateways to REAL LIFE CHANGE.

Authenticity becomes effortless when we let go what we THINK it should BE and lovingly embrace how it actually IS in the present moment.

It’s BRAVE work to let go of the life we have planned, so we might embrace the life that is waiting for us ….. 

(Joseph Campbell)

Let’s face it, the MIND-BODY connection is a powerful one. Science confirms it, our souls validate it.

When we’re saturated with stress, anxiety or disconnected from source, our bodies know.

The horses and I are here to help you:

* Learn how to stand steady in life’s storms

* Embody your desired feeling state

* Release OLD stories and RE-CREATE a new, more true and beautiful future 

* Align our thoughts, feelings and actions

* Experience a dynamic change process along side our equine guides and teachers

* Take a STAND for ourselves, and create the life we crave



“We cannot selectively numb emotions, when we numb the painful

emotions, we also numb the postive emotions.”

– Bréne Brown

 How do we do it….?



Here’s some tips on how to start:

  • Pay attention to pain. It becomes our most  valuable teacher.

  •  Invest in learning and communities/connections that support your alignment 
  • Start filling your OWN cup FIRST (self-loving practices that nurture and inspire)
  • Cultivate an intimate relationship with what INTUITION, ALIGNMENT & RESONANCE feels like in your body (then take this knowing with you as an ally in life..)

We all have a unique process of what it’s like to  WAKE UP to our authentic selves. Horses are here – offering their generous guidance  and support in this journey 



“Tracy offers a safe, understanding and supportive place to grow. She makes uncomfortable questions easy to ask and she’s gifted in the art of a very honest yet tactful response. She is earthy, strong and truthful. She has a great sense of humour and working with her and the horses I noticed calls a person  to deep listening quite instantly. Her words are careful, thoughtful and simple. I felt safe to let go, I knew she had my best interest at heart.”

– Verena Pleger

“Tracy is brave, light hearted but deep, good humoured and brutally-lovingly honest. She is a facilitator and a connector of people, quite especially the healing-alternative-and magical variety.”

– Amber Stoby

“Tracy and the horses brought me right out of my head and into the present moment. Interacting with those big, magnificent  animals and learning how to read their emotions and behavior – while exploring my own in their presence – was such a magical experience!”

– Erin Whalen


From the Resume:


Bachelor of Arts in the field of child & youth care counseling:


  • how to help others access and operate from their unique strengths
  • the value of viewing life through a lens of development
  • that the presence of healing, healthy relationships is what’s MOST therapeutic
  • that people often know the solutions to their challenges ~ SUPPORT helps them access it


 Equestrian Arts Certifications: Cultivating competency through varied specialized trainings


  • Eagala – Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association
  • Certified Horsemanship Association – Western Riding Coach
  • Equine Vaulting Association- Certified Coach
  • Sky Horse Equine (equine guided educator) Somatic Coach


Healing Arts: Practices & lineages that support holistic healing and wellness


Reiki level 2

200 Hr Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher

Restorative Yoga (Certificate)



We teach what we need to learn. Breathe in, Breathe out. Repeat.


Zoom Virtual Coaching

Are you curious about integrating the learning that arises AFTER a live session with Horses?  

Are you wanting some ongoing feedback, support and accountability in your personal development journey?

1-1    60 min virtual connection sessions available via Zoom


Equine Coaching Sessions

Ready for deeper transformation that has a lasting impact in your life?

Desire to feel more wholly accepting and connected to yourself?

Open to a Somatic experience in feeling and knowing alongside the guidance of a Horse? 

Horses + Guided Facilitation is a life enhancing experience

Just For Kids

* Equestrian Vaulting (small group) Horse-Play Sessions

Movement, Sensory Skills, Mindfulness

* Spring Break & Summer Horse-Camps