Breathe  ~ Move  ~  Connect 


     Conscious interactions and thoughtful mounted play, by way of the HORSE.

Mindful movement in natural settings creates an opportuntity to experience yourself differently.

Discover the value of uniquely therapeutic relationships.

Explore releasing and renewing practices for your body – mind – spirit.

Connecting with your body/mind, focusing your energy, attuning to breathe and directing your attention ~ pathways to presence and connection. To self, to others, to equines and to the greater world around you.

Create powerful connections to self, a deep sense of natural alignment, and a heightened sense of intuition.

The ESSENCE of this practice is UNION…. or YOGA with Horses.


A bit About ME


A truth telling, light hearted, deep diving


Yogi, rider, adventurer, nature lover & free-spirit

A mother, teacher, life long student & pilgrim.

Horses have truly been a gift from God in my life. A reminder of what Grace, Tenderness, Power, Balance and Miracles look like in everyday life. I am honoured to share my many years of experience, education and mentoring wisdom with you.


A bit about YOU


Feeling a call to BE WITH your body differently? 


Are you drawn to Horses, Movement, Nature?    ME TOO !



Experiencing mental stress planning, solving, over-analying

Experiencing emotional UN-ease? overwhelm, anxiety, fear, insecurity, stuck-ness?

Experiencing  disconnection from your body?  stiffness, pain, holding-patterns, emptiness, numbing ?


I get it. I’m intimately acquainted with those experiences myself. 


 As conscious, sensitive, feeling humans, there is MUCH that weighs on our shoulders.

Investing in Wellness Practices and Guided Support as you navigate BE-ing differently in the world, is the invitation.  


Conscious Awareness  ~  lets journey there together.



Explore simple, soul-filled ways of being in your body……

A wildly effective way of accessing wisdom that is already yours ~  Commune with Nature 

Yoga on the Mat, in Nature or on Horse.

Simple. Profound.

 How Horses can help humans

  • Horses provide a shift in perspective – a view from their ultra in-tune vantage point
  • Their physcial size & spiritual essence often puts us profoundly in touch with our bodies
  • Horses provide  clear, immediate, honest & unbiased immediate feedback
  • Riding Rhythmically can offer deep sense of relaxation, a connection to core, somatic releasing, and opportunties for integration
  • Moving WITH a horses unique movement, can create a connection to our desire to live in FLOW
  • THEIR energy field has a potent affect on OUR energy field, we are all connected…

“The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man.”

– Winston Churchill

YOGA with Me

Hey, are you curious about YOGA on the mat, or horse? 

Connect with me to find out more

Private Therapeutic Equine Sessions

Nurture your SPIRIT while Aligning your BODY.  Horses + Yoga = WELLBEING

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