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Creatively practicing the Arts of Yoga, Riding and Horsemanship



     Facilitating UNIQUELY THERAPEUTIC interactions between HORSE &  HUMAN –  through PLAY, MOVEMENT and BREATHE  


Communing with horses on the ground, in a field, or in the riding arena – enhances awareness, integrates sensation, and provides for therapeutic expression.

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A bit About ME


A truth telling, light hearted, deep diving


Yogi, rider, adventurer, nature lover & free-spirit

A mother, teacher, cheerleader, life long student, pilgrim and friend.

Horses – and the privilege to journey with them for over 20 years is a tender gift from God in my life. A daily reminder to me of what Grace, Tenderness, Power, Balance and Miracles look like in everyday life.

I am honored to share my bouquet of methodologies, practices, skill sets, and inherent inner wisdom with you, dear friends….

Namaste  ~ Amen 


   Connecting Humans with Horses

  • Horses provide an often POTENT shift in perspective – a view from their prey-driven  vantage point
  • The sheer size & power of a horse, frequently allows us to sense our physical  & energetic body differently
  • Horses provide  clear, immediate, honest & unbiased  feedback
  • The focus on Riding Rhythmically provides deep relaxation, a connection to core, somatic release, and opportunities for integration
  • Moving WITH a horse, creates connections to what living a life in FLOW actually FEELS like.
  • THEIR energy field has a potent affect on OUR energy field, we are all connected…

“The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man.”

– Winston Churchill

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