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   Exploring states of Flow ~ through horses & play

Guided Equine Coaching



   Welcome fellow curious cosmic beings. Here you will find access to content on THE FLOW STATE and how to activate it by way of the horse.  As a connection specialist – I facilitate therapeutic interactions between HORSE &  HUMAN –  through PLAY, MOVEMENT and BREATHE  – we can shift from struggle & uncertainty to greater wellness and healing.


Communing with horses on the ground, in a field, or in the riding arena – enhances awareness, integrates sensation, and provides for creatively therapeutic expression.

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  A bit About ME


A truth telling, light hearted, deep diving


A Sojourner. Rider of bikes & horses. Eager adventurer. Lover of nature and simplicity. A Friend, Mother, Daughter, Sister and freed spirit.

I’ve broke horses, and I’ve gentled them.

I’ve coached owners and trained horses.

I’ve created programs, and

Horses – and the privilege to journey with them for over 20 years is a tender gift from God in my life. A daily reminder to me of what Grace, Tenderness, Power, Balance and Miracles look like in everyday life.

I am honored to share my bouquet of methodologies, practices, skill sets, and inherent inner wisdom with you, dear friends….

Namaste  ~ Amen 


   Connecting Humans with Horses

  • Horses provide an often POTENT shift in perspective – a view from their prey-driven  vantage point
  • The sheer size & power of a horse, frequently allows us to sense our physical  & energetic body differently
  • Horses provide  clear, immediate, honest & unbiased  feedback
  • The focus on Riding Rhythmically provides deep relaxation, a connection to core, somatic release, and opportunities for integration
  • Moving WITH a horse, creates connections to what living a life in FLOW actually FEELS like.
  • THEIR energy field has a potent affect on OUR energy field, we are all connected…

“The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man.”

– Winston Churchill

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